Wild Wisdom

Welcome to Wild Wisdom, and me, Michelle MacEwan. On this website, I share an overview of my life’s work with you. I am a spiritual teacher, a speaker, an environmental activist, and a story teller. I use the medium of stories to share my knowledge, ideas, and wisdom.

I am shamanistic by nature and my philosophy is simple: I believe and practice Wild Wisdom—tapping into and developing one’s vision, awareness, natural skills and abilities—those that our ancestors trusted and relied upon, and interweaving that knowledge with our own experience.

The pathway of wonder and awe

Our dreams, prayers, and intentions
Set the course of our journey
Spinning our stories into the heavens
And into the Earth
In this time of deep change

Is the possibility to generate shifts
For ourselves and for the whole of nature
We must surrender to a deeper awareness that lies within
And live in accord with natural law

Working Together

Finding your spiritual pathway

I live in wild places; mostly I’m in Australia on the cliffs above the Southern Ocean, or on the west coast of Ireland, overlooking the north Atlantic. 

I work with individuals (in-person and Skype sessions) and groups (at conferences, in gatherings, retreats and Skype meetings). My work facilitates profound personal change because I use powerful techniques like the inner journey, storytelling, myths, dreams, guided meditations, outdoor pilgrimages, writing exercises, and intimate conversations, to help you on your own journey.

My driving force is to create with you, strong spiritual connections and pathways to live life as a journey, to develop an innate understanding of your inner world and to live harmoniously with all life on Earth.

I invite you to journey with me.

Working together

Principles and Practices

of Wild Wisdom

The principles and practices of Wild Wisdom celebrate and revere our place in nature and on earth.

My work is to help you evolve your consciousness and to develop your spiritual pathway. Understanding and practicing the tenets of Wild Wisdom will help you on your journey.

I share the principles and the ways you can practice and incorporate Wild Wisdom in your life, from my speaking engagements, one-on-one sessions, writings and website.

The Inner Journey

Creation occurs in the unseen world

Science now confirms what mystics have always known: the existence of an unseen realm. To gain access to this realm, we must delve into the inner journey.

To journey means to go within and into our core being. The inner journey takes us deep into our own self—to a place that is not fixed in time and space, and where we belong.

I have developed a particular way to journey over the years and I will guide you to discover your inner journey and how you can incorporate this practice into your life.

One key principle: the inner journey begins with the heart; allow your mind to take a step back and let your heart be the guide.

The Inner Journey

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Wild Wisdom Chronicles

Ethos Wild Wisdom


We live in turbulent times. The Earth is changing, and not in good ways. We are seeing and experiencing the effects of climate change on our planet which, I believe, is reflective of our inner world. There is a reason why the word “nature” refers to our inner selves and to the world around us. Our goal should be to live harmoniously in the intersection of both worlds—in that sweet spot.

We have a lot of work to do—on ourselves, to find and strengthen our spiritual pathway—and in nature, to respect and protect our environment. When we truly understand that we are all a part of nature and not separate from it, we can address the changes before us, leading to a better world.

The Wild Missives


Living next to the Southern Ocean, I see firsthand the effects of climate change on our planet. Missives are papers and blog posts that blend scientific fact on issues including climate change, the environment, biodiversity and the oceans with my spiritual beliefs.

The Wild Wild Sanctum

Wild Sanctum

Wild Sanctum is our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre. Our mission is to care for wildlife and to raise awareness about the wild and our place in nature.

Australia Land of the Giants

Australia & The Southern Ocean

I live in the wild. Most of the year I’m in Australia—on cliffs above the Southern Ocean. This land possesses a fierce natural beauty that grabs me and doesn’t let go. Living in this wild place inspires me and feeds my soul.

Ireland Connemara

Connemara, Ireland

A majestic and wild place defined by sea, water ways, and continuous living culture, this is the land of my ancestors. To me, this is a holy place where we come face-to-face with reverence: respecting the life in everything.



Connecting with Your Spiritual Being in a Beautiful and Peaceful Place

2020 | Australia


I am making time, for a limited period, for individual and group sessions via Skype.

Spring 2020 | Ireland

Connemara, Ireland

From mid May to the end of June I am offering individual and small group retreats in Connemara. Minimum of 3 days, up to 5 people. We’ll stay on the Skye road located on the cliffs overlooking the North Atlantic.

Join me in my ancestral place, where myth and magic abound.